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How do the rankins work?

Players are ranked by their rating points. The more rating points, the higher ranking.

What rating system is being used?

This leaderboard uses the Elo rating system. This is the same system used by many of the major sporting competitions.

How do the ratings work?

Your rating determines your chance of winning.

If you have a much higher rating than your opponent, then there is a higher expectation you will win ...and there is more at stake!

The winner takes some of the losers rating points.

If the player with the higher rating wins, they get fewer of the losers points, as they were expected to win. However, if the player with less rating points wins, they will take more of the losers points.

All new players start with 1000 rating points.

When are the ratings updated?

Ratings are re-calculated after any changes are made.

The calculation always starts from the first result, just incase a historical result has been added or ammended. This is required as prior games can have a knock on effect to later rating outcomes.

Is this leaderboard just for table tennis?

It was designed for use with table tennis, but there is nothing stopping you from using it with other games.

What are the official rules for table tennis?

You can find the official rules here.